Fujifilm Micropage

client / FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging Europe GmbH

Origammi conducted the concept and the implementation for a new communication channel of Fujifilm. The extreme complex product world of Fujifilm is presented in an unique innovative and user friendly way.

Retailer Platforms often provide incomplete information about complex products like the system- and compact cameras of Fujifilm, Fujifilm X. Nevertheless the end customer wants to look in detail into the product. That is where the micropage of Fujifilm applies: The page was designed so that retailers can integrate it into theirs product presentations and client communication. Therefore the page will be linked to the vast retail network of Fujifilm to hence pass the additional value on to potential and existing clients. Detailed product information is provided in such a way that user understand it at one glance. The page also features a highly intuitive UX Design and a modern and lean product presentation.


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