Mimo Goodnight Stories

client / Equipe AG

The Swiss insurance company Die Mobiliar decided to reach our youngest by giving them a goodnight stories app. Parents can get the apps for free from the App Store and the Play Store, read interactive stories, enter competitions and ask for an insurance related advice.

Sweet dreams little fellows

Together with our friends at the Serranetga advertising agency, we've created an iOS and Android app, a microsite and a custom-made CMS for the purpose of the Mimo Goodnight Stories campaign.

The challenge was creating an app that would appeal to children, while giving useful information to their parents at the same time. Besides reading illustrated stories to their children, the parents can enter competitions and win prizes, they can read more about the products Die Mobiliar offers, or ask the nearest agent for an advice on insurance.

The built-from-scratch content management system served as an entry point for the single database backend serving the beautiful mobile apps and the microsite.


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