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Users expect the same experience on the online shop, on the website, at the service desk or at the showroom - equipped with smart phones and wearables and are at any time and any place prepared to carry out a purchase. Before it is all about inspiration and a maximum of information.

We aim to meet those customers’ wishes and connect the relevant information within the company to be able to show the users the right content in the right place. By aligning the content you publish with your customer’s interests, you naturally attract traffic that you can then convert, close, and delight over time. We call this ‘everywhere commerce’.

With PALOMA we provide a digital hub. PALOMA is the central nervous system behind all of a company’s marketing activities. But it doesn’t just stop with marketing; a true digital hub will communicate and integrate with other systems, too, from sales to content management and beyond. Capturing all of the new information available and turning raw data into actionable intelligence with ECHOO is where the digital hub becomes the game-changer for automated customer communication.

Our services

E-Commerce Strategy Consulting

We go further than the delivery of the suitable digital strategy for your business goals: We surprise the users and provide solutions which will make us first mover in the market.

Not all possibilities are suitable for everyone. Therefore it is essential to analyse the user behaviours with web and mobile analytics in advance. On this basis we develop the concept. Thus, with a sophisticated solution that is tailored to the need of the users we help you to perform successfully by providing e-commerce with the right technology.

User Experience / Design

With an iterative approach and development of prototypes we take account of the users's requirements throughout the entire design process. This minimises the expense and prevents mistakes.

We distinguish between three phases. The goal of phase one is to understand the site architecture and define the main templates in form of low-fidelity wireframes. In the second phase, the contents are specified and the hi-fi wireframes are developed. In the last, third phase, the look & feel, the visual appearance or language, is determined. The wireframes are validated in user testings and edited on the basis of the findings.

Software development

We focus on agile project methodology to develop a project in the most efficient way. We prioritise functionalities and put them into work packages. These project packages are implemented in regular sprints and once again prioritised.

At this point, prototypes also help to explain technical challenging decisions and to recognise possible project risks at an early stage. Regular status meetings provide information on the project status.

Support and maintenance

As soon as the project went live, we ensure a smooth operation in everyday life. It is important to recognise challenges in time, to bundle the know-how that has been developed during the project and to be ready for a fast troubleshooting.

If you want to extend the functionality, we can implement this in an efficient and streamlined way.

Our products

We aim with the following products to meet e-commerce customers’ wishes and connect the relevant information within the company to be able to show the customers the right content in the right place:

Products echoo paloma

The products of the E-Commerce Machine of the Future

E-Commerce Middleware: PALOMA

PALOMA, the service oriented middleware, provides the foundation for e-commerce experiences. Modern, and robust, it’s built to scale your high traffic and high transaction requirements without breaking the bank. Built on robust, modular and open architecture, it satisfies all your selling and fulfillment needs. With PALOMA you get more flexibility, long-lasting systems and improve the efficiency of your commerce project.

Redfining Customer Relationships: ECHOO

Administrate your customers with our cloud-based Customer Relationship software ECHOO. It provides you with a branded permission-based loyalty program, a set of game mechanics, including points, badges, rankings, leaderboards, levels, missions, real-time feedback and social interactions, to motivate and reward your users for performing desired revenue-generating activities and keeping contact records up to date. It helps to integrate all digital and physical customer touchpoints into a single platform – including online, mobile, showroom, in-store and point-of-sales.


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